Rules and Regulations



Tournament Headquarters                            

P.O. Box 29172 – Brooklyn Center, Minnesota  55429

 Main Tournament Staff

Title Name Hometown Email
Tournament Director Daron Hansen Brooklyn Center, MN  [email protected]
MJBT Text/Talk Phone Number (612)-916-0849
MJBT Email [email protected]
MJBT Internet Site
USBC Tournament Certification Number 04343
SMART Account Number 08587


  • The MJBT is open to all bowlers that are USBC Youth sanctioned. Participants are not required to be a Minnesota resident. Non – sanctioned bowlers may participate by paying their USBC sanction fee during check-in for the event that the bowler is participating in. No participant shall have reached his or her 20th birthday as of August 1st, 2023. Any member under suspension from MJBT and/or USBC is not eligible to participate in any MJBT event until said suspensions are lifted.
  • This tournament is certified by the United States Bowling Congress. All players are expected / required to follow all rules of the USBC and MJBT during competition.


  • All entries will be accepted up to and on the day of the tournament. The tournament field may be limited to a certain number of players dependent on the number of lanes available. In the event that more entries are received than can be accommodated, a waiting list system will be utilized. Waiting list order will go in the order of the actual entries received. If a player is not checked in by 8:45 am on tournament day, his/her spot may/will be forfeited, and given to the first available waiting list player (if implemented). If no wait list, bowler will receive $2.00 minimum fine.
  • Entries must be mailed in to the MJBT office by Wednesday prior to the event (unless otherwise posted). Entries received after that time (including on-site entries) will be subject to a $10.00 late fee. Entry forms will be available at the preceding tournament and online at


  • Whenever possible, the normal MJBT schedule will be the THIRD SUNDAY of every month with check-in starting at 8:00 a.m., 8:50 a.m. paddock/announcements and 9:00 a.m. actual bowling start. Exceptions will be made for holidays, national events, etc. Site selection will be done by Tournament Management. All sites/dates are subject to change at any time. All factors will be considered before announcing any change(s) to the schedule. Announcements of any changes to the schedule will be made as soon as determined.
  • Announcements will be made at the tournament sites, on the MJBT Facebook page and/or through our internet site,


  • It may be possible, due to inclement weather conditions, to cancel an event. This decision will be made by MJBT Staff with the help of the host center, and current weather and road reports. MJBT Staff will make every effort possible to contact all registered players as soon as the cancellation is announced. Notices will also be posted on our website and the Facebook page. Keep in mind that cancellations may occur very late and all players should plan ahead for this.
  • If poor weather is preventing you from attending, but the tournament is still being held, it is your responsibility to call in your cancellation to avoid forfeiture of entry fees. Call or text (612) 916-0849 to notify the MJBT Staff of your intentions to not attend, failure to obtain an approved cancellation from MJBT Staff will result in loss of full entry fee.


  • Withdrawal while the tournament is in progress will be allowed ONLY with the permission of Tournament Management. Any withdrawal without permission of the Tournament Manager(s) shall forfeit their entry fee and be subject to fine. Refunds will only be given in case of injury, sickness, or other emergency. NO refunds will be given after the third game in the qualifying round regardless of the reason.
  • Failure to obtain an approved cancellation by MJBT Staff will result in loss of full entry fee.


  • All bowlers must be checked in before the start of paddock. Persons late for paddock or not showing for paddock during the Qualifying Round or Finals Play Round will be subject to fine. The tournament field may be limited to a certain amount of players depending on lane/ time availability. Players not checked in by 8:45am on tournament day will forfeit their spot to players placed on waiting lists (if implemented). If no wait list, bowler will be fined minimum $2.00.
  • Lane assignments will be given at time of Check In by random draw. No switching of lane assignments will be allowed by the bowlers but may be done by Tournament Management.
  • Players must record their name on their score sheet before leaving the check in area.


  • Any time an MJBT regular singles event has six (6) or more women entered, a separate women’s division will be created for that event. Awards will be based on scholarship monies available.
  • At any time a female bowler may compete in the men’s division, but once that decision is made, the bowler must stay in that division for the period of one (1) year from date of decision. A female bowler cannot switch divisions each event she bowls. Choice of division must be made during registration / check in to an MJBT event. Division change cannot occur during the event.
  • Male bowlers will not be allowed to participate in the women’s division at any time.


  • All bowling equipment used by the bowlers must meet all USBC specifications. All bowling balls used by a bowler must have the serial numbers listed on his/her score sheet prior to use in competition. If no serial number is available, the bowler must list make and model of ball on scoresheet. Any tournament bowler or Tournament Staff member may request a check of bowling equipment, if he/she has reason to believe it is suspect. These requests must be made to the Tournament Manager. Equipment can be pulled at any time from competition. The Tournament Staff member shall, upon request from a bowler participating in the tournament, hold any questionable ball for a maximum of 48 hours after tournament completion while having it checked for USBC acceptance standards. Any person refusing to turn his/her ball over for inspection will be disqualified and forfeit all entries and awards.
  • Any player may request inspection of equipment before competition starts if such services are available at the hosting center. If not available, the player’s equipment may/will be held for inspection for a maximum of 48 hours.


  • Altering the surface of a bowling ball by the use of abrasives while bowling in sanctioned competition is strictly prohibited. All bowling balls so altered will be removed from competition by Tournament Management. The bowler is also subject to disqualification and forfeiture of entries and awards (See Rule 18, USBC Rules and Regulations).
  • The use of approved cleansing agents such as isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and polishing machines during competition is permissible. This also includes water and commercial ball cleaning agents, approved for use by USBC.
  • The surface of any bowling ball may not be altered at any time after competition has started for the day. This includes balls that have not yet been introduced into play (See Rule 18, USBC Rules and Regulations). Altering of surfaces may occur before/during the first practice session of the day, but at no other time during competition.
  • The use of any kind of substance on the bottom of bowling shoes is strictly prohibited. This includes any and all talc/powders, “Easy-Slide”, cigarette ash, or other materials that could potentially cause harm for other players.


  • MJBT bowlers are not allowed to practice on any of the Tournament lanes on the day of the event until the official practice time is announced. All MJBT bowlers will be allowed approximately seven (7) to ten (10) minutes of practice before the qualifying round. Once “Last Ball” is announced, practice has ended. Players on the approach when this is announced can roll their last ball. Any players found going to/on the approach after “Last Ball” has been announced will be fined. At the start of Finals Play two (2) shots of practice will be allowed on each lane before restarting competition. No practice will be allowed before the final game of Finals Play. This may vary due to centers with automatic scoring.
  • If players choose not to take practice shots before / during Finals Play, they may do so, but that determination must be made before any shots are taken, and all affected players (on the same pair) must abide by / follow that decision.


  • In case of breakdown or delay caused by machine and/or automatic scorer failure, Tournament Management shall make a decision regarding the continuation or rescheduling of games. In case of delay and/or the bowlers are moved to a different pair of lanes, there will be no practice on the new pair, regardless of time delay. Interrupted games will restart from point of interruption.


  • Tournament Management shall be called in to settle any disputes arising over whether the machine knocked down a pin or whether it fell by its own accord.


  • USBC rules regarding fouls will be followed. Questions or discrepancies regarding rule or operation of fouls shall be directed to Tournament Management for ruling. If a foul line judge is needed, Tournament Management shall appoint an impartial person to act as a judge.
  • When a bowler deliberately fouls, the bowler shall receive a zero score for the delivery and shall not be allowed any further deliveries in that frame.


  • Only authorized personnel (Tournament Management) and the bowlers will be permitted in the bowler’s area during any/all competition. Individuals not bowling are not permitted in the bowling area. Scorekeepers are permitted for centers without automatic scoring, one for each pair of lanes.


  • Distractions on nearby lanes that a bowler feels had adversely affected his/her shot must be called to the attention of Tournament Management before another ball is thrown. However, completed shots may not be re-taken. Shots may be re-taken only if the bowler comes in physical contact with another bowler during his/her approach.


  • Any / all dead wood must be removed before the next ball is to be thrown.



  • Each player is responsible for his/her own score sheet AND that of the player opposite. After each game, the player’s scores, total score and his/her plus or minus totals must be entered on the score sheet. The players must initial their own score sheet and the opposite player’s score sheet and check for validity at the completion of each game. Score sheets will be accepted as being correct by the Tournament Management, and any errors resulting from incorrect addition or false reporting of scores could result in FINE AND/OR DISQUALIFICATION from the tournament of both the player with the incorrect sheet and the person initialing the sheet as being correct. Participants turning in incomplete score sheets at any time during the tournament are subject to a fine for each individual violation.
  • Tournament Management reserves the right to “Spot Check” any/all scoresheets for validity, completeness, etc. at any time during competition and will assess fines when needed.
  • Your score sheet should be visible at your lanes to MJBT Management at all times.


  • Players are responsible for making sure the computer systems are recording all shots correctly. If an error has occurred with the auto scoring devices, a center employee or Tournament Management must correct the error. Please do not correct it yourself. Errors with standard (written) scoring shall be corrected by the players themselves.  Anyone falsifying scores will be automatically fined and disqualified from the event. If a bowler bowls on the wrong lane a score of zero will be entered and the bowler will only bowl a second ball for that frame.


Each player is responsible for turning in specific copies of their score sheet at different intervals. Players turn in the pink copy of their score sheet after the fifth game of qualifying, and the white copy after the final game of qualifying. During this breakpoint, after game five, staff will check and announce the top scores to all players.


  • Any obvious errors brought to the attention of the Tournament Manager(s) within 24 hours of the tournament will be corrected and the bowlers involved will be notified of any changes in the amount of scholarship won, if any. In the event errors were made in positioning of Finals Play, all scores and positions will stand as is.


  • The qualifying block shall consist of 9 games with no break during the qualifying block. EACH PLAYER SHALL START EACH GAME ON THE SAME LANE, ODD OR EVEN, AS THE PREVIOUS GAME. All players will move to a different pair of lanes after each game. The top six (6) or eight (8) bowlers in each division with the highest scores will advance to Finals Play. Advancement to Finals Play will be as follows:
    • Less than 32 bowlers, six (6) advance to stepladder finals;
    • 32 and above, eight (8) bowlers advance to stepladder finals
  • There will be a separate women’s division when there are six (6) or more females entered. Advancement to Finals Play will be as follows:
    • Six (6) through eight (8) bowlers, zero (0) advance, top two (2) spots paid after Qualifying Round;
    • Nine (9) through eleven (11) bowlers, three (3) advance to stepladder finals;
    • Twelve (12) and above, six (6) advance to stepladder finals.


  • In the event of a tie at the end of the qualifying round or during Finals Play, and breaking that tie determines who advances to Finals Play or stepladder, there will be a 9th and 10th frame roll off to determine final positioning for Finals Play.
  • Ties at the end of Finals Play for tournament championship, will be decided by a one game roll-off, with the lanes chosen by random draw.
  • Ties at the end of any stepladder match will be decided by a 9th and 10th frame roll off.


Women’s Division

  • Stepladder finals will be conducted at every MJBT regular event. The top six (6) girls will bowl in a modified stepladder final that consist of one (1) game matches to determine the Champion. Each stepladder match shall be bowled on a different pair of lanes than the previous match, if lanes are available. Depending on available prize fund, scholarships may not be awarded to all stepladder finalists.

General Rules

  • Stepladder finals are single elimination games with no previous pin fall added. Total pin fall for each game determines advancing bowler and finishing position for scholarships. In the event of a tie during the step ladder, Rule 15A will be in effect and rolled on the same lanes that are being used for step ladder. Each stepladder match shall be bowled on a different pair of lanes than the previous match, if lanes are available.

Year End Event

  • Will be ran like a regular scheduled MJBT event. The stepladder finals will be bowled on the same grouping of lanes used for Finals Play, and each stepladder match shall be bowled on a different pair of lanes than the previous match, for each applicable division.


  • Lane Assignments will be given at time of Check In by random draw. No switching of lane assignments will be allowed by the bowlers but may be done by Tournament Management.
  • After each game of the qualifying round, bowlers will move to a different pair of lanes. Bowlers on the EVEN numbered lanes will move two (2) pairs to their right, while bowlers on the ODD lanes will move two (2) pairs to their left. Example: Bowler A starts on lane 17 and will move to lane 13 for the next game.
  • In centers where there is an EVEN amount of lane pairings, bowlers will not “skip a pair” after game 5 of the qualifying round, to ensure they will not bowl on the same pair of lanes twice. After game 5, bowlers will move one (1) pair right/left, and then resume moving two (2) pairs after game 6.
  • In centers where there is an ODD amount of lane pairings, bowlers will continue to “skip a pair” after game 5 of the qualifying round, to ensure they will not bowl on the same pair of lanes twice.
  • Lane assignments for Finals Play will have the first game on the lanes farthest apart on lanes 1 & 2 and lanes 15 & 16, for example. Game two (2) will follow on lanes 3 & 4 and lanes 13 & 14, game three (3) will be on lanes 5 & 6 and lanes 11 & 12.  The final game for the winners will be bowled simultaneously on lanes 7 & 8 and 9 & 10.


  • Scholarships will be awarded to anyone making the Finals Play portion of the event with the last place in Finals Play paying no less than $25.00 during any normal format event. This does not include special / Saturday Nite events.
  • “High Qualifier” shall be awarded to the player(s) who led the Qualifying Round. In case of tie, the money will be split evenly.
  • “High Game Out” will be paid to the man and woman having the highest single game in the qualifying round but did not advance to Finals Play/stepladder finals or receive a cash award based on the qualifying round. In case of a tie, the money will be split evenly. High Game Out will not be paid for girls if there are less than three (3) girls entered in the tournament.
  • Bowlers who participate in all MJBT regularly scheduled (Sunday) tournaments during the season will be awarded a (perfect attendance) scholarship at year-end of $25. This does not include special events (Saturday Night, sweepers, etc.) held during the season.
  • Based on available scholarship at any tournament, additional payback may be made upon discretion of Tournament Management.
  • All scholarships will be deposited to the SMART program at USBC National Headquarters in Arlington, TX.


  • All trophies and other awards donated for the tournament will be given out according to the wishes of the person(s) donating. Tournament Management will purchase any awards needed that were not donated.
  • Plaques will be given out to each monthly tournament Champion. Symbolic awards will be given for Bowlers of the Year, Rookies of the Year, All Star Team and Sportsmanship Award winners, at the end of the season.


  • The first available alternate player may be substituted for one of the finalists in Finals Play, in case of injury, sickness, or other emergency. The alternate should remain in the building while the Finals Play or stepladder is being held. An alternate coming in assumes the right to all scholarships for the position he/she finishes in, while the person stepping out assumes the alternate’s scholarship position, if they receive any scholarship. If the replacement player bowls less than half of the remainder of games, the two scholarship positions will be combined and split evenly, between the original and replacement player. The bowler stepping in will start at whatever point the first person left.
  • In case of a bowler being gone at the start of Finals Play or stepladder finals, the alternate may be put in and the late or missing bowler will assume the alternate position in standings. THE DECISION OF TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT IS FINAL!
  • If more than one alternate is needed, the Manager shall appoint the person(s) in the audience who finished highest in the standings to fill the vacant position(s).
  • Substitutions will not be allowed during the qualifying round.


  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a minimum $10.00 fine and/or removal from the tournament. Hitting/Kicking of ball returns or other center equipment, foul language, distracting other bowlers, intentional fouls, and obscene gestures are considered unsportsmanlike and are forbidden. Failure to turn in scoresheet and the intentional re-setting of pins to avoid spare or fill shots will also be considered unsportsmanlike conduct. See Rule 18A, B for further conduct rules. Withdrawal from any MJBT event without permission will be subject to a $10.00 minimum fine.
  • Conduct fines will be enforced for the duration of the tournament, including those players that have not advanced to Finals Play/stepladder finals but have stayed to view the rest of the competition.
  • PENALTIES: For any infraction of MJBT conduct rules, a bowler will be warned and fined ONE time; the second time (within season) will bring suspension for two tournaments. Another infraction (within season) will result in loss of eligibility for rest of season or six (6) months (whichever is greater), and all fees paid to MJBT will be forfeited.


  • Meet the other bowlers as they come off the approach. Do not delay the game. Single lane courtesy is mandatory during the qualifying round. Any ball not delivered within 20 seconds of stepping on the approach may be declared dead and the bowler will be given a zero (0) for that frame. Failure to use one lane courtesy during the Qualifying Round will be fined.
  • In order to assist with slow bowling, NO cell phone use will be allowed at anytime during qualifying and finals play. The first offense of this rule will result in a warning, the 2nd offense will be a $10 fine, and with each additional offense the fine will double.


  • All complaints regarding the host center (lane conditions, maintenance, service, food, etc) should be taken to Tournament Management. DO NOT register your complaints to the center proprietor, his/her personnel, or other bowlers. The MJBT does not control lane conditions or maintenance. IN CASE OF CONTROVERSY AT AN EVENT, TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT WILL MAKE A RULING WHICH WILL BE BINDING ON ALL PARTIES AT THAT TOURNAMENT. If the incident requires a permanent rule be added, Tournament Management will make such decisions as needed.
  • Any MJBT bowler registering a complaint with the Center Host or his/her employees will be subject to fine.


  • A player will be allowed up to two (2) reracks per game. If more are necessary, Tournament Management must be called in to make a decision whether further reracks will be allowed.


  • All fines must be paid along with entry to the next tournament. Any monies generated from fines will go directly to the Year End Tournament prize fund. Any participant that violates the same fines repeatedly will be more severely fined and/or suspended by Tournament Management. Tournament Management will have the final decision in any fine or suspension levied. The dollar amounts listed are only Tournament Management will determine the dollar amount, within reason, of each fine based on the severity of the incident. All unpaid fines will be tracked throughout the year. Every effort will be made by the Tournament Management to be as fair as possible to everyone. Any / All unpaid fines at season’s end will carry over into the new season(s). Unpaid fines will not be “cleared out” at the end of a season. Fines are DOUBLE what is listed for any MJBT Staff Member.
  • Tournament Management reserves the right to “Spot Check” scoresheets at any time for completeness, validity, etc. Repeated occurrences of fines (ex. dress code, conduct) will automatically DOUBLE the minimum fine amount listed (ex. first offense $4, second $8, third $8, etc)
Reason Rule Minimum Fine
Practice after practice has ended (last ball announced) 7 $ 2.00
Failure to complete score sheet (missing box info) 14A `$ 2.00 each open box
Initialing boxes ahead of scores being entered on score sheet 14A $ 2.00 each filled box
Failure to turn in score sheet at end of competition 18 $ 10.00
Failure to have your score sheet available to the staff 14A $ 2.00 each violation
No name (min. last name) on shirt 27 $ 4.00 each violation
Wearing cap or hat during competition 27 $ 2.00
Other dress code violations (wearing jeans, inappropriate skirts/shorts/etc.) 27 $ 2.00 each violation
Failure to register for event by posted deadline / on site registration 2 Entry Fee + $10.00
Failure to cancel reservation / no show by posted deadline 2 Loss of Full Entry
Abusive language / gestures / striking-damage to center equipment (1st offense) 18 Warning
Abusive language / gestures / striking-damage to center equipment (2nd offense) 18 $ 10.00
Registering complaint to host center personnel (1st offense) 18 $ 10.00 / warning
Other unsportsmanlike conduct (1st offense) 18 $ 10.00 / warning
Second Unsportsmanlike Conduct violation within season 18 $ 20.00 / suspension 2 mos.
Third Unsportsmanlike Conduct violation within season 18 $ 40.00 / suspension 6 mos, or season
Outside food / beverage without consent 37 $ 10.00 / warning
Withdrawal from tournament without consent 4/18 $ 10.00 / warning


  • Fines can be assessed by any adult member of the MJBT Management. Tournament Management may also issue warnings (without fine) of rules violations, at their discretion. It is the bowler’s responsibility to inform the adult MJBT Management of any violations of other bowlers that Management may not have witnessed. Tournament Management shall not be required to announce any fines to the individual bowlers, unless in the event of Unsportsmanlike Conduct fines. Any conduct fines shall be brought to the attention of all involved within a timely period of the incident, and shall be treated respectfully and / or discreetly, based on the individual incident.


  • Any MJBT membership fees generated during the current season shall be used to cover operating expenses. Any excess at season end will go to the Year End tournament. The annual MJBT membership fee is $30.00. You may bowl only one time as a non-member. The second time you bowl you must become a member. Effective August 1st, 2017, memberships are valid for the season in which they are paid. Scholarships will not be paid out if the bowler has not paid membership, has any NSF checks, has any unpaid fines or is under suspension.
  • Current MJBT members may be eligible to receive special offers and / or discounts. Please see the MJBT Tournament Manager for the latest details.


Prize Fund $ 29.00 First Time

Entry Only >

Prize Fund $ 24.00
Year End Tournament $ 4.00 Year End Tournament $ 1.00
Expenses $ 2.00 Expenses $ 1.00
Manager(s) $ 6.00 Manager(s) $ 2.00
Lineage $ 14.00 Lineage $12.00
Total $ 55.00 Total $ 40.00
  • Prize funds will be awarded 100%.
  • An additional $1.00 will be paid per bowler for lineage fees for first time entries. Money for this will derive from annual membership fees.
  • For bowlers that have never bowled an MJBT event, the entry fee will be $40.00. See breakdown above. This fee is good for ONE (1) event only. Bowler will pay full $55.00 entry fee at next event and all following MJBT regular Sunday events.
  • The proprietor(s) of the host center may elect to donate part or all of the lineage fee back to the tournament prize fund. Donated lineage will go back to that day’s prize fund. Other donations made by outside sponsor(s) will be used however they (the donator) wish it to be used within the prize fund or within the MJBT general expense account.


  • A late fee of $10.00 will be charged for any entry not received by the Wednesday prior to the tournament. Entries received on event day will also be subject to a $10.00 late fee. This applies to all players. Revenue collected from the late fees will be split as follows: Year End event prize fund – $5.00, expense fund – $2.00, and Manager’s fees – $3.00.


  • Participants must have bowled in at least three (3) MJBT regular tournaments during the current season (not including Year End)
  • Participants must be a member in good standing at the time you bowl; membership fees have been paid and have no unpaid fines or NSF checks.
  • Women: If there are more than 6 women signed up and in attendance, there will be a separate woman’s division.
  • Note: Special events such as Saturday Night events and MJBT/CBA Doubles events do NOT count as Year End qualifying events.
  • The format will be a six (6) game sweeper followed by a modified step ladder final to determine the overall winner. Based on monies available, additional payback may be made upon discretion of the Tournament Management.
  • At completion of the sweeper/stepladder event the Bowling Honor awards will be distributed.


  • Each year the MJBT shall award / honor bowlers based on their participation and performance during the MJBT season. These recipients will receive plaque/ trophy and scholarship monies for their efforts and will be awarded at the end of the season.


  • Each year the MJBT shall announce the Bowler of the Year for both men and women. The award will be earned by a point system with the bowler(s) collecting the most points for the year receiving scholarship ($150 for each winner) and a trophy / plaque. In order to qualify for Bowler of the Year, you must be a member in good standing, and must have: finished at least once in the top five (5), and bowled at least six (6) of the regular scheduled tournaments (See below for point distribution).
  • Points (only) earned during special events (Saturday night events, MJBT/CBA Doubles, etc.) do count toward Bowler of the Year qualification.


  • Each year the MJBT shall announce the All Star Team. The award shall be earned by a point system based on the bowlers completing in at least six (6) of the regular Sunday scheduled tournaments in the current season, and be a member in good standing. TOTAL POINTS QUALIFY TOP 10 BOWLERS: six (6) men, four (4) women. (See below for point distribution). Based on overall participation, the amount of All-Star Team members awarded may be adjusted (to a lower number only). Points (only) earned during special events (Saturday night events, MJBT/CBA Doubles, etc.) do count toward All-Star Team qualification.
  • Each member of the All Star Team shall receive a $75 scholarship


  • Each year the MJBT shall announce one (1) male and one (1) female athlete for the Sportsmanship Award. This award is for the male and female bowlers who participated in at least five (5) regular events during the current season, and displayed an overall good attitude and good sportsmanship on and off the lanes. Selection of the Sportsmanship Award shall be decided by a majority vote of the current MJBT Management, and an Adult Advisory group, at least one (1) event before the award is to be given. No Management member shall cast more than one ballot. The Tournament Manager will not vote in this process. However, in the event of a tie in voting, the Tournament Manager shall decide the final winner.
  • No player shall win this award more than one time during their MJBT career.
  • Each award winner shall receive a $100 scholarship


  • Each year the MJBT shall announce one (1) male and one (1) female for Rookie of the Year. All eligible bowlers will have joined the MJBT after August 1, 2023 and have bowled at least six (6) regular scheduled events during the current season. The same point scale used for the Bowler of the Year and All Star Team. The male and female accruing the most points at the end of the season shall be awarded Rookie of the Year. Points (only) earned during special events (Saturday night events, MJBT/CBA Doubles, etc.) do count toward Rookie of the Year qualification.
  • For players that have joined the MJBT in previous seasons, but have not competed in a career total of four (4) MJBT regular events, shall still be eligible for this award. Once the bowler has competed in their 4th event, that season shall be considered their “Rookie” season.


  • Anytime a bowler participates in an official MJBT event, they are awarded points based on their participation / finishing position. Points accumulate during the year and will be used to determine Bowlers of the Year, Rookies of the Year and the All Star Team. Point distribution shall be same for both men and women.
  • In the event of a tie for High Game Out or High Qualifier, full points will be awarded to all players involved in the tie. If there is a tie in final positioning, the points awarded for the two positions will be combined and split evenly among the players involved.
  • Tournament Management shall keep track of all points and publish the standings on a regular basis. Points are accumulated in the following manner:
Points Reason
2 Participation for every regular tournament bowled
2 Participation for every Saturday Nite event bowled
5 Participation in MJBT/CBA Doubles event
5 High Qualifier
2 High Game Out
1 Second High Game Out
4 Every regular tournament “cashed / placed” in
2 Tenth place-Fourteen place
4 Ninth place
6 Eighth place
8 Seventh place
10 Sixth place
12 Fifth place
14 Fourth place
16 Third place
18 Second place
20 First place



  • These points will be added as “bonus” points at the end of the year. Only the qualifying block games will be used to determine final averages. To qualify for average points a bowler must have bowled in at least five (5) of the regular scheduled Sunday tournaments and be a member in good standing. Saturday night special events or the MJBT/CBA Doubles does not count toward official averages. Tournament Management shall keep track of all yearly averages and publish them on a regular basis. Points are awarded as follows:
Men     Women  
Highest Average 20 points Highest Average 10 points
2nd High Average 19 points 2nd High Average 9 points
3rd High Average 18 points 3rd High Average 8 points
Etc, – down to 20th 1 point Etc., down to 10th 1 point


  • Any bowler who participates in an MJBT tournament and violates USBC Eligibility Rule #400 during the tournament will be automatically suspended from the MJBT for two (2) months from date of violation and shall forfeit any / all accumulated player points. A report shall also be generated to the bowler’s home USBC association. Further suspension action may occur from USBC, and will carry over into the MJBT. Consult the current USBC Rule Book for definition of Eligibility Rule # 400. Any questions or discrepancies of Rule 400 will be directed to USBC Headquarters in Arlington, TX.
  • This rule will be applied to all USBC sanctioned and Non USBC sanctioned members.


  • Clothing that has advertisements, pictures depicting alcohol, tobacco, gambling or inappropriate pictures or language will not be allowed at any time during MJBT competition.


  • All bowlers must wear a shirt with their name printed or sewn on the back. New players may bowl the first TWO tournaments without a official MJBT logo shirt (MJBT logo must be visible). Sponsor / Company names and / or logos are permitted to be on the shirt as long as they are not alcohol/cigarette/drug related.
  • Shirts must be neat and clean with no rips or tears. Sleeve-less dress shirts may be worn by the women, as long as they are neat, clean, and of appropriate design. This does NOT include tank tops, muscle shirts, etc.
  • Lettering for names should be at least 1.25” in height, and can be first/last name or just last name. Nicknames will not be accepted without proper last name displayed.
  • Temporary name placards for shirts may be used as long as they are securely fastened to the shirt. Placards must be made of a cloth material and have a professional look. Placards made of towels, paper, cardboard, tape, etc. will not be acceptable.

Pants / Skirts

  • Denim or corduroy will not be allowed to be worn by any player.
  • Dress / casual slacks must be neat and clean and the seat and knees must be intact. Skirts of appropriate design for bowling will be allowed for the women.
  • Dress shorts may be worn during the tournaments if they are not distracting to the other bowlers. Dress shorts are considered to be with pockets, and a zipper or button fly. Drawstrings, Velcro or Spandex are not acceptable.
  • Sweat pants, yoga pants, short shorts, tank tops and muscle shirts are not acceptable.


  • Caps or hats are not allowed to be worn during any tournament. This includes Saturday/special events.
  • Portable music players are acceptable for use in the settee areas, but may not be worn onto the lanes.

RULE 27A. Saturday Night Events

  • The above criteria applies to all Saturday (optional) events, with the exception that players will not be required to wear a shirt with their name, although this dress style is preferred.

RULE 27B. CBA / MJBT Doubles Event

  • Dress code will be the same as all regularly scheduled MJBT (Sunday) events.


  • Any awards (minus honor scores) earned while bowling an MJBT tournament will be sent for by the bowler earning the award or his/her coach to go to the local division / association manager for processing.
  • Should an honor count or special achievement award be earned (300, 800, etc.) the Tournament Manager(s) will provide the paperwork necessary for the bowler.
  • For other awards, forms are available from the Tournament Manager.


  • Each year the MJBT Management shall recruit/appoint an advisory committee made up of adults related to the MJBT (parents, sponsors, etc).This Advisory group shall work with Tournament Management in enforcing all of the rules of the MJBT and give other assistance when requested.


  • United States Bowling Congress (USBC) rules will apply if no specific MJBT rule applies. If needed, the USBC national office will be contacted if any major conflicts arise, that the rulebook cannot clarify and/or solve.


  • The MJBT, from time to time, may conduct other tournaments throughout the year. Formats will be determined / approved by Tournament Management. Scholarships will be awarded based on monies available. Player points will be awarded (for participation only) for these events, but will not affect official MJBT averages by these separate events. These events also do not count toward eligibility for the Year End event.


  • The MJBT web site ( is the official location for news and event information for the organization. This site shall include event results, schedules, rules and statistical data (player points, averages, etc) for the season. It may also include historical data from previous season for archival purposes. Most of this information is available for download free of charge to all site visitors.
  • The MJBT will also maintain a Facebook page to be used as an additional means of communication.
  • The Tournament Staff will publish on a regular basis: this season’s tournament results, player point standings, earnings, averages and Finals Play averages. Copies will not be made for individual people, but can be accessed at the tournament site, or by visiting our website.
  • The MJBT Management shall also make an effort to have MJBT related information published in other publications, both locally and nationally.


  • All banking transactions will be conducted through Wings Financial Credit Union
    • Various locations of Wings Financial Credit Union may be used for various banking transactions (deposits, etc).
  • All entry fees will be deposited as they are received via mail or within 72 hours of the completion of the event. Any/All checks written against the account are required to be signed by tournament director.
  • The MJBT is subject to audit at any time.
  • All scholarships awarded will be deposited into the USBC SMART scholarship program (Account #8587). All withdrawals from this program will be the responsibility of the bowler(s) requesting the scholarship. The MJBT assumes no responsibility for errors committed by USBC and its employees. Any interest gained from MJBT funds are used to defray accounting costs at USBC. Remaining funds left over after accounting costs are deducted may be awarded back on a percentage basis to the scholarship organizations. Returned funds will be re-used as future scholarship awards.


  • No scholarships will ever be paid directly to the bowler by the MJBT. All awarded scholarships will be deposited into the USBC SMART scholarship program at USBC National Headquarters. It will be the bowler’s responsibility to contact USBC SMART program about the withdrawal of funds.
  • Any funds not used within the time frame established by the USBC SMART program will be returned to the MJBT for re-distribution.
  • For those bowlers that have already graduated from High School (or equivalent) – unused funds after six years of the award date will be returned to the MJBT for re-distribution. Extensions may be made due to military service, etc. Contact USBC for the latest details.
  • Interest earned on MJBT funds while in the SMART Program will be used to defray accounting costs at USBC. Interest will not be credited back to the bowlers.


  • All returned checks shall receive a $25 service charge from the MJBT. A second NSF check within one calendar year will result in a $50 service charge and checks will not be accepted from that party for a period of one calendar year. Cash or money order will be the only accepted payment method.


  • The MJBT Tournament Management shall provide to USBC and all others requesting it, a monthly results report along with a financial statement on a month to month basis. These reports must be completed and distributed within 30 days of the tournaments close date. These monthly statements will also be posted at the tournament sites. Any MJBT member or other interested party may request to view past statements / reports, including bank statements, checkbook balances.


  • The MJBT is currently sponsored by Motiv Bowling Products and the Bowling Proprietors Association of Minnesota. Sponsors that affiliate with tobacco, alcohol, firearms, and illegal drugs will not be considered as sponsors.


  • No outside food or beverages are allowed into a host center without prior permission from the Center Manager / Proprietor. Most host centers do have food services available, or open them specifically for our tournament. All food / beverages that are purchased within the center must be behind the settee area on tables or counters, etc. No food / beverages are allowed in the settee area.
  • Participants or families that bring in food or beverages without express consent will be fined a minimum of $10.00.


  • All smoking, gambling, drug use and/or drinking of alcoholic beverages by the Tournament bowlers is strictly prohibited at any time during the event, whether the player is still competing or not. Any bowler caught smoking, gambling or drinking or be under the influence of illegal drugs will be immediately disqualified and suspended 1 (one) month from the MJBT, without any refunds. A report shall also be filed with USBC. This is regardless of age of the participant. Smoking by Tournament Management is permitted as long as it is done away from the Tournament. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or gambling (i.e. pull tabs) during an event by the Tournament Staff is strictly prohibited.
  • Per Minnesota state law, smoking in a public building is prohibited. All cigar/cigarette smoking must be done outside of the building.
  • The Tournament Staff shall take care of any situation that arises, and shall inform the host center ahead of time on our policies.


  • Because of the nature of the tournament, the MJBT requests all parents and spectators abide by Rule 38 along with the bowlers. If you must smoke, gamble or consume alcoholic beverages, we request it is done in a bar, restaurant, or other designated area away from tournament competition. Please inform any adult MJBT Staff member if any person is violating this rule. Tournament Staff will then inform the specific person of our rules and ask the specific person(s) to either stop their activity or move to a designated area.
    • Note: Minnesota law prohibits smoking inside all public buildings or other designated areas.
  • We also ask all parents and spectators to exercise good sportsmanlike behavior at all times during MJBT competition. This includes not using foul language, gestures, actions, etc.


  • The MJBT and its Management staff shall not be held responsible or liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items at any particular MJBT function. This includes any lodging facilities where MJBT players may be staying on event weekends.
  • The MJBT shall not be held responsible for any bodily injury, health problem and/or resulting physical or mental condition occurring before, during or after an MJBT event. Bowlers are at their own risk and should take personal precautions regarding their own safety and well-being.



  • The MJBT shall conduct optional bracket competition each month for those players wishing to enter. Brackets will be held in separate male and female divisions, with 3 bracket sessions at each regular event (Games 1-3; 4-6; 7-9). Cost per bracket is $5.00 and is limited to 20 entries per bowler/event. Each bracket will pay out $25.00 for first place, $15.00 for second place. No administrative fees shall be deducted from bracket fees. All funds will be awarded in scholarship form. Brackets pairings will be randomly generated by computer, and any/all results shall be posted at the tournament site and online ( after the tournament.
  • During the Year End event, all players competing that day will receive one (1) free bracket entry. These entries will be placed in a separate pool, from all other paid bracket entries. These specific brackets will be paid for by the MJBT, using money collected throughout the season.


  • The MJBT shall conduct 50/50 drawings at most regular Sunday events. This program will be open to any spectator over the age of 18. MJBT players are not eligible at any time. Tickets will be sold only at the tournament site. Cost is $1.00 per ticket or $5.00 for 6 tickets. Half of the money raised will be awarded by raffle drawing after the completion of the qualifying round. The other half of the raised money will be placed into the prize fund for that day’s tournament. (ex. $100 raised, $50 to raffle winner, $50 to prize fund)
  • No administrative fees shall be deducted for this program. Winners may elect to donate a portion of, or all winnings back, and those dollars will be allocated to the day’s prize fund. MJBT Tournament Staff is eligible to participate.


  • The MJBT shall conduct Junior Gold Qualifiers at most events. This is an optional program open to all MJBT competitors that belong to the USBC Junior Gold program. Junior Gold memberships can be purchased at the tournament site for $30.00. Memberships expire July 31 each year for all players, regardless of purchase date – membership costs are not pro-rated. Cost for the Junior Gold qualifier will be $30.00 in addition to regular MJBT fees.
  • Qualifying scores for Junior Gold will be the player’s qualifying round scores. The top player in each group (that entered into the JG qualifier that day) shall be awarded a paid entry to the USBC Junior Gold finals ($300 value). Any ties for advancing positions will be broken using the highest game bowled. The winning player shall be responsible for all other related costs at the national finals (transportation, food, lodging, etc).
  • To hold a qualifier during any month, there must be at least six participating to have separate boys and girls divisions. Else a minimum of 10 combined players will be required to hold a qualifier.
  • It shall be the bowler’s responsibility to notify MJBT staff if they have earned a qualifying spot via another tournament/league to allow for alternates to accept the open spot.
  • Overages in received entry fees for monthly qualifiers will be held/used to offset costs in future events where entry fees do not cover national event entry fees.


  • The MJBT shall select, by random drawing a name to receive a free entry to a future MJBT event. This will be selected after the qualifying round of each event. Those players that competed in that days’ event shall be eligible for the drawing. No player may win more than one (1) free entry within one (1) season. This entry applies to the tournament entry fees itself, and does not apply to other items (Junior Gold, brackets, membership fees, etc). Funds to pay for the awarded free entries will come from expense / membership fees collected throughout the season.
  • A certificate will be given to the drawing winner to present as ‘payment’ with their entry, and must be done prior to the entry deadline date, else the late/walk-in fee may apply to that player.