Minnesota Junior Bowlers Tour

The MJBT headed to Splitrocks in Wyoming, MN for our April event and this was the first ever trip to this center. The event drew 42 boys and 16 girls to test their skills on the 38 foot, 2.0 to 1 ratio, 32.67mL lane pattern. 

On the girls side, CONGRATULATIONS to Katelyn Orisek for going wire-to-wire in her first MJBT event with a dominating performance in winning this month’s title. The title match featured our #2 seed, Trista Rauma, taking on Katelyn. The title match was close early on, but a middle of the game open by Trista and a 3 bagger from Katelyn, moved the momentum to Katelyn’s favor. In the end, Katelyn came away with the 225-194 win.

For the boys, CONGRATULATIONS to Zach Andresen on getting back to the winner’s circle at this month’s event. Zach, the #2 seed for the ladder, would battle against the #1 seed Dawson Peterson in a match between two of the best youth male bowlers in Minnesota. Again, the match was close early on, but Dawson lost his look and had a late open and that was enough for Zach to take the title, 233-183.

Thank you to Matt Ross and the entire staff at Splitrocks for hosting this month’s event. A very special thank you to Nick Hogan and all the parents that helped out in making sure that our tournament runs as smoothly as possible.

mjbtdirector@gmail.com or 612-916-0849

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2021 – 2022  Tournament Results

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December 2021 – AMF Saxon Lanes

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November 2021 – Ham Lake Lanes

CHAMPIONS: Brandon Kreyer and Brooke Salzman

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October 2021 – MJBT/CBA Doubles – River City Extreme

CHAMPIONS: Amanda Vermilyea/Hailey Triske & Hunter Pomije/Chad Nelson

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September 2021 – Colonial Lanes

CHAMPIONS: Elizabeth Rittenour and Dawson Peterson

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August 2021 – Cedarvale Lanes

CHAMPIONS: Madyson Marx and Trae Henrichsmeyer

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