MJBT is an Official PBA JUNIOR AFFILIATE Tournament Host for 2023!

The MJBT headed to River City Extreme in Monticello, MN for our April event. There were 49 entries (35 boys and 14 girls) that came to compete on the 40 ft, 2 to 1 ratio, and 30 mL lane pattern.

On the girls side, CONGRATULATIONS to Lily Topinka for winning her FIRST MJBT TITLE!!  Lily was the #3 seed going into match play and would be facing the #1 seeded, Ashley Gorman. The pattern played very difficult for the ladies, so spares were going to be very valuable, and this title match proved it. Both ladies went back and forth with the lead as it was a battle to stay clean. In the 10th frame, Lily went spare-strike to force Ashley to mark in the 10th. Ashley may have thrown her best shot of the match, however, she left a 10 pin and failed to convert it which gave the win to Lily 172-165. 

For the boys, CONGRATULATIONS to Joseph Woods-Weisman on winning this months event! Joseph was the top seed going into the modified stepladder and would be facing the #4 seeded Tatum Lee, who was competing in his first MJBT. Tatum was trying to run the ladder and was cruising going into the title match. Joseph started out with the front 4, while Tatum struggled at the beginning of the match. Joseph opened the 5th and Tatum got back into the match with a 3 bagger. Tatum then opened and Joseph never looked back to cruise to a 220-176 victory.

Thank you to Brady Stearns and the entire staff at River City Extreme for being great hosts this month. A huge THANK YOU to all the parents and athletes for continuing to make the MJBT a premier youth scratch event in the Upper Midwest!


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2023 – 2024  Tournament Results

April 2024 – River City Extreme

April 2024 Prize List

April 2024 Finals

April 2024 Qualifying – Boys

April 2024 Qualifying – Girls

April 2024 Lane Pattern

March 2024 – Classic Bowl

CHAMPIONS: Drake Wait and Elizabeth Rittenour

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March 2024 Finals

March 2024 Qualifying – Boys

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February 2024 – Super Bowl

CHAMPIONS: Dakota France and Taylor Lietha

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January 2024 – Island Xtreme Bowl

CHAMPIONS: Joseph Woods-Weisman and Alivia Baskin

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January 2024 Finals

January 2024 Qualifying – Boys

January 2024 Qualifying – Girls

January 2024 Lane Pattern

November 2023 – Mermaid Bowl

CHAMPIONS: Dylan McCauley and Zoe Skinner

November 2023 Prize List

November 2023 Finals

November 2023 Qualifying – Boys

November 2023 Qualifying – Girls

November 2023 Lane Pattern

October 2023 – MJBT/CBA Doubles – River City Extreme

CHAMPIONS: Kalli Triske/Hailey Triske and Nathan Eull/Thomas Cleveland

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October 2023 Stepladder

October 2023 Qualifying – Boys

October 2023 Qualifying – Girls

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September 2023 – Southway Bowl

CHAMPIONS: Zoe Skinner and Dawson Unrath

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September 2023 Finals

September 2023 Qualifying – Boys

September 2023 Qualifying – Girls

September 2023 Lane Pattern

August 2023 – Cedarvale Lanes

CHAMPIONS: Dawson Unrath and Kalli Triske

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August 2023 Finals

August 2023 Qualifying – Boys

August 2023 Qualifying – Girls

August 2023 Lane Pattern